What's All The Hype?

I'm really noT sure why people love the iPad 2 so much. We bought an iPad 2 for the office a couple of days ago (it was more like my partners idea) to get an iPad so we could use it for presentation purposes.

I wasn't really keen but he insisted and I'm so glad to be telling him 'I told you so!' right now. I've been trial running this glossy iPad (in fact I'm using it to type this post) and I thoroughly detest the darned thing!

Give me a good old Android powered tablet anytime. Even my HTC Desire has a way beter set if features compared to this darn thing! I really don't see why people line up for hours just to buy the iPad 2, I wouldn't even give it the time of day.

I've managed to convince my partner to get me an Android tablet and will be tablet hunting son :) iPad or not, it does come in handy for me to do research on Bronx Accident Attorney's and watch Hawaii Five-O at the same time though.