Sketchy Sunday - Running Free

Emila, a long time blogging friend is starting a new meme called ‘Sketchy Sunday’. It's a simple meme with even simpler rules, just the way I like it :D

  1. Write a blog post about your sketch and later post your link below.
  2. Please post your sketch only. Sketch definition: a quick freehand drawing that is not a completed work.
  3. Give exact link of the sketch’s url.
  4. Copy and paste codes below to share the participant links in your blog post.

Simple, isn't it? I thought I'd take part, not that I can sketch for nuts that is. So here is my drawing of me doing what I love to do these days, which is run :D Notice my super cool Adidas three stripes that I have on though it looks more like two and a half stripes on one of the shoes ... hahaha ...

And I just love running in the outdoors under the sunshine filled skies that look like some fat little maggots with grass that looks like some ugly little squiggly lines though I do look like such a handsomely strapping young man ... hahaha ... urrrmmm, ignore the so gay like arms flailing, I told you I can't sketch even if my life depended upon it ... LOL!

So, what are you waiting for, you think you can do better? Then go ahead an join this meme :P