The Dog Whisperer

The heat from the afternoon has been washed away by the downpour a little earlier today and it's simply heavenly weather right now :D Tonight will be a fine night to sleep tucked under my 'blankey' ... hehehe ... not that I have a 'blankey' mind you :P

Mrs. Spiffy and me normally share a blanket and half the time I'll just kick it off cos I tend to sweat pretty fast if I'm under the blanket for too long, with the exception of cool nights like today. I actually can't wait to go sleep but tonight is the Dog Whisperer night and Mrs. Spiffy and me just love that shoe. There really aren't many shows about dogs and we never miss the two hours of this show.

There's still an hour an a half before it starts so I'd better see what this email I received about mens lingere is all about. I'm a little lost on the word lingere, I wonder if it's actually supposed to be lingerie, but then, if it is, I never knew men used lingerie ... hahaha!