A Dog Named Cat

My neighbour has a cat called Brenda. Just the other day, I heard her calling out,

'Brenda, Brenda, where are you?'

I thought she was calling her daughter or something and when a cat in a little bell turned up and she started talking to it, I was looking at her with this weird look. Who in heaven's name names a cat Brenda? Fluffy maybe, Pussycat maybe, Garfield maybe, heck even just plain old Cat but Brenda?

I've always wanted to name my dog 'Cat' but wifey would have nothing doing with that name. So Pebbles it was ... hehehe ... but seriously wouldn't it simply be awesome to name your dog 'Cat'? Imagine the identity crisis the poor dog would have ... hahaha!

Ok, ok, I know I'm not going to be considered for any Veterinarian Jobs, that's for sure!