I was going through my old files just now. This is the real hardcopy kinda files, not the kind of files on your hard disc's just so you don't get confused, ya.

I happened to come across an old concert ticket. It was the one and only concert I ever attended and it was the time when Eric Clapton came to Malaysia to perform. I'm a huge fan of the man and I saved up every cent I had just so I could by a ticket and watch the great Eric Clapton strut his stuff on his signature Fender Stratocaster.

I was mesmerized. I can still remember standing just mere meters away from the stage and was utterly hypnotized when he belted out Layla, one of my favourite numbers. I was so captivated that I missed getting my hands on his guitar pick when he threw it into the audience after the song. It landed just a few feet from me before it was snapped up by someone ... siggghhh ...

even though it was years ago, I can still remember the concert as if it was yesterday.