The Letter

Dear Mr. Sun,

I implore you to not be so hot during the afternoon. I have to run tonight and if you're hot all day long, that means it's going to be hot tonight and if it's hot tonight, it's going to make running among 4000 plus other runners a not so nice experience.

I wouldn't even mind if you spoke to you buddy Mr. Rain and ask it for some rain now but please, if you're going to do that, please tell him to stop raining by 6pm cos as much as I hate running in hot conditions, I don't really relish running in wet conditions either.

Yes, yes, Mr. Sun, I know I'm no bag of sunshine and demand too much but please do me this favour, will ya? And maybe, just maybe, when it's your birthday, I'll get you some nice birthday gifts for men, that is if you are male to begin with :P

Yours truly,