A Gloomy Outlook

After nearly a week off work, I'm finding it difficult to get back into the groove of working again. My mind is still on holiday mode at the moment! Thank god that I don't have all that much things to do at the moment.

It's already 2 days into the new year and things are not looking all that rosy in this country. And I'm betting it won't be looking rosy anytime soon, especially not with the current ruling regime we have lording over everyone.

Just read some pretty disturbing news about and it saddens me that the government can resort to such things. I don't know where or when this country slipped in the doldrums and I don't know when we can dig our way out of this and live like we used too, in total harmony.

These days, even the alesis percpad doesn't look look too promising and please don't ask me what an alesis percpad is cos I have no idea!