Bad Day ...

The first half of today was pretty lousy. Let me tell you why. It was a nice Saturday morning, slept in late, then woke up and helped the wife with the household chores (yes, even a spaceman must do his 'womanly' duties ... LOL!)

So, after the household chores, the wife and me decided to take the kids out to A&W's for some lunch. There is this A&W restaurant about 5 minutes drive away from my house located on the opposite side of the road. To get there, I had to go a slightly big round around my neighbourhood, which is normally not a problem. But today, for some reason only known to god and his heavenly disciples, the road (this is a normal residential road, mind you) was jammed bumper to bumper from just outside my house.

I'm a person who hates jams, so there I was in the car, with the heat blazing outside, my car air-conditioner fighting to keep us all cool and there we were crawling away inch by inch to get to the restaurant! I was mumbling and griping all the way until we reached the restaurant (what a day for me to decide to use my car instead of my spaceship ... LOL!). Even the wife and kids were a little agitated throughout this 30 or so minute journey, which normally takes about 5 minutes.

After 30 grueling minutes (I drive a manual car with a clutch, so imagine how numb my left leg was) we finally reached the restaurant, searched for a parking and walked to the restaurant only to find the damn place closed for renovations! Can you believe that???? I was fuming by this time. All that inching through traffic came to nothing at all. The kids were disappointed, that's for sure.

So, we got in the car and decided to head to a nearby shopping mall instead and try out this new food place called Hartz Chicken (an all you can eat chicken joint) that was recently opened. Again we had to inch our way through traffic. After another 15 minutes of real slow driving, we reach the shopping mall and park and go straight to the restaurant only to find the food almost finished (this is an all you can eat restaurant, mind you) and no replenishing of the food was in sight! This time the wife was fuming along with me. I felt like blasting them to hell my my super duper duplex special ray gun but alas, I left the damn thing at home ... :D

In the end we finally settled for KFC. How utterly interesting the lunch turned out to be. We just had KFC the day before and it sure didn't appeal much to us but the kids were famished by then. Even then, the lunch at KFC pissed me off again. Together with our main meals, we also ordered this new (or so I think) item on the menu. It looked real huge in the menu but upon getting it, it turns out to be this tiny itsy bitsy thing that would even fill a little baby's stomach! I of all people shouldn't really believe the pictures they put in advertisements seeing as how that silly Nick fellow works in advertising and should know better ... LOL!

Well, the only good thing is the wife and me managed to buy some books that were on discount though :) And the second half of the evening turned out be much better. You can read all about that experience in that silly boy Nick's blog :D

2 weird comments:

sweetiepie said...

One, never leave home without your spaceship and two, always bring that bloody super duper duplex special ray gun!! LOL

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Sweetiepie, You definitely got that right. I'm gonna bear that in mind from now on when I go on one of my adventures with the family ... hehehehe .... Happy Monday to you.