The Best Of ...

Hui Sen of Brain Spillage has come up with an interesting idea. I post his entire posting of that idea here:

"I post rubbish here and there but occasionally I come up with individual posts which I personally quite like and feel personally is significant. With time, these occasional better posts get lost in the archive and will probably not be read.

I would like to start another blog to archive these better posts and naturally have titled it somewhere along the lines of 'The Best Of' and 'Greatest Hits'. LOL!

I would however like to invite my fellow bloggers to join me in this. It would mean much to have my favourite bloggers archive their best posts in the same blog. Definition of best post? Nothing, except that it means something to the writer. Nothing new, just the various posts we feel have value, which we have written since we started blogging.

It would mean much to have the bloggers whose blogs I am familiar with to be fellow contributors. We're practically our own little community now."

I, for one think it's a pretty good idea. I'm sure most of us have some excellent old postings lying around in our archives for years and it would be nice to put them up to be read again. So, folks let's give Hui Sen's idea some support! Here's looking to read your postings soon.

Just drop Hui Sen a note at his blog if you'd like to be his co-author.

2 weird comments:

Menopauseprincess said...

That's a great idea Spiff. My blog is so new though that I probably don't have enough history for a "best of" yet.

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Menopauseprincess, It was entirely Hui Sen's idea and a good one at that. I'm just trying to get more people to post their best of postings ... :D

And don't sell yourself short, I thought some of your postings were pretty good reads. So, here's hoping to see you take up Hui Sen's offer soon ...