BBQ 2 : The Sequel!

Last night my buddy Adrian organized another BBQ :) I know we just had one a few weeks back and that one turned out pretty well that he just couldn't resist having another one, seeing as how we were all still on holiday yesterday.

This time he invited quite a bit more people, namely his brothers family, one of his cousins family and also my family. Unfortunately a member of my family was feeling slightly under the weather and I ended up going alone (no sense wasting good food now, right? LOL!)

It turned out to be another fun affair. As usual when I reached my buddies house, he was still trying to get the fire going ... LOL! You won't believe how difficult it is to start a BBQ fire. After the first BBQ we had you'd think we'd have been a little better at starting fire's. We both struggled to get it going but after much huffing and puffing we got the fire going pretty well. And I have to say we were damn proud of ourselves ... LOL!

We both ended up being the cooks for the night, which was fun really, though I did end up smelling like a pig, chicken, fish and corn all rolled into one :D He had quite a bit of food left over cos of the absentees who didn't turn up. Oh, and my buddy made these great home made curry puffs that was to me just perfect even though he did say there were missing some spiciness to it. That guy just loves having his food spicy, unlike me.

Overall, I think I'm beginning to enjoy these BBQ's and am seriously considering having another one sometime soon ... LOL!

6 weird comments:

Adrian said...

The sooner the better! LOL Gad you enjoyed the the end wasn't that much left over:) I ate the last few curry puffs while watching Superman Returns last night! hehe

Spiff said...

What? You mean they showed Superman Returns again last night? Drats!

Jacelyn Chew said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Seem like you have fun during the Raya holiday!

Spiff said...

Jacelyn, yup I had fun during raya, that's for sure. Thanx for dropping by. Come again anytime.

Diamondssaphire said...

It is always fun to get together with friends and family atleast once amonth!! BBQ's are always a good way to go!

Spiff said...

Diamond, amen to that:) I'm actually anxiously waiting for the next BBQ session ... :D