Everybody Wants Kung-Fu Fighting ...

The silly technician that's supposed to fix the lighting problems in my office still hasn't arrived yet and I'm still sitting in the blooming darkness and typing this post which really is bad on my eyes cos the glare from my monitor is just way too strong. I hope he gets here soon!

I don't really have much to do today, finished all my work in the first half of the day and was actually just sitting here randomly browsing blog sites and web pages out of boredom (yawwwwnnnnn) and I came across this site selling self defense products. Browsing through the site sure brought back a lot of memories for me. They have a nice selection of products for the sport of self defense, some of which I've actually had the pleasure of wearing.

Back when I was in college, I used to be fanatical about martial arts. I was about 18 years old (yes, quite old already I know) when I first saw this martial arts exhibition in my college. It was for a promotion for Taekwondo classes and they were on a recruitment drive to get new students. I was kinda intrigued and decided to join.

Once I joined the class, there was no turning back. I was totally fanatical about it. I attended every possible class that was held at the college and then made close friends with the instructor and even followed him for his other classes. There was a time I just lived for martial arts and nothing more to the point my buddies though I was a little too crazy.

I simply couldn't get enough of it. Slowly I rose through the grades to a point where I was helping my instructor teach in some of his classes. At that time it was something I enjoyed doing. I went for training 7 days a week without fail, at every class my instructor taught I was there ... LOL!

There was a day when I reached a level of competence in the sport that my instructor actually allowed me to teach a whole class of kids on my own. No as his helper but as an instructor. I was overjoyed. I hadn't even reached the level of being a black belt (which is normally when you're competent enough to teach) and here my instructor gave me the honour of handling a whole class on my own. I cannot describe in words how I felt that day. Being an instructor to 7 year old kids, it was way cool, man ...LOL!

Then over time, the sport took a back seat cos I got my first job in the slave industry ... LOL! Well, I consider the advertising industry which I'm in a slave industry cos once you start work, they slave drive you like crazy! Because of work commitments I started to skip a lot of classes and eventually gave it up all together. I do regret in a way for not going further in a sport which I think I could have excelled in if I went all the way, but that's life I guess. Work and family commitments take precedence over everything else.

Thank god I still have my running (which I've been neglecting to do for quite a while now. Shame on you Spiff!!!). Well, look who we have here, the technician fellow is finally here, about 4 hours too late isn't he? I'd better post this now before he switches off the mains to fix whatever that's been screwing with the system!

4 weird comments:

C Jane said...

LOL, that song reminds me of an old flame of mine, a Canadian. When I first told him I'm a Malaysian, he automatically sang that song to me!

"Everybody's kung fu fighting!!"


I took taekwondo before, but stopped at yellow belt. I wasn't really into it, I guess. :P

Spiff said...

Cindy, I used to love that song and sung it almost everytime I went for my training sessions ... LOL!

So, you've got some martial arts training la tu ... LOL!

DiamondsSaphire said...

doo doo doot, those kicks were as fast as lighting

Spiff said...

Diamond, LOL! That tune is just so catchy. I was humming it all day long ...