A Great Way to Savebuckets Of Cash!

Have you ever had problems finding for something online and how difficult it is sometimes to find the exact item you're looking for? Then when you actually do locate the item you want, the price is not what you expected. I've gone through something like that countless times.

There was this time I was looking for this particular watch online. I searched and searched and searched (ok, ok, you get the picture I know ... LOL) and I was overjoyed when I actually found the item. Then I looked at the price and it was absurdly priced. I knew for a fact what the pricing range of that watch was and what they were asking for was way above what I was willing to pay.

That's why these days I use Savebuckets to search for anything that I need online. Savebuckets is an online comparison shopping site. It's free and it will be able to help you find that elusive product you want and the approximate price that you're willing to pay. Neat isn't ? It will save me loads of time searching for what I need not to mention the amount of money I can save.

They have thousands of products online from a huge range of shops which you can search from. They also have this cool thing called My Price where you can stick to your budget when buying a product online. All you need to do is just key in your email address, then state the maximum amount you're willing to pay and it will do a price comparison and contact you by email when your product has fallen beneath your maximum asking price. Great isn't it?

At least I won't waste countless hours online searching and searching and searching for something I need. I'll just let Savebuckets do it for me :)

2 weird comments:

Jay Cam said...

does it only work for the UK?

Spiff said...

Hey Jay, yeah, I think it's available out of UK as well, though I couldn't find anything on their site to confirm that.