I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas ...

Ah, Monday, my favourite day of the week is here again. NOT! If you've been reading my other blog, Anything Goes, you guys would know I hate Mondays, well, I still do, nothing much has changed about Mondays. But so far, Monday has been pretty good (well, it's only 9.15am, ask me in another hour or two and I just might be singing a different tune!)

At present I'm pretty free for the moment. None of my client has called yet to make my life miserable just yet ... LOL! Well, that gives me a little time to post something here and then do some blog hopping for a bit :D

The weekend was well spent so no complains there. Even the aches I got from the water park was well worth it cos it sure was a fun time. I'm well rested, the aches are gone and I'm ready to face the week ahead. And the fact that it's going to be Christmas soon is also contributing to my good spirits :) I love this time of year, everywhere you go, you see Christmas decorations up and there's a certain magic in the air.

I'm going to get my Christmas tree somewhere this week, seeing as how my old tree has outlived it's lifespan. Mrs. Spiff saw some tree on sale, in Ikea and a few other places so we'll be giving it a look see this week. I just might take a day off and go get it. I don't want to wait till the weekend cos I know the place will be too packed with those doing their Christmas shopping too.

The only thing I wish we had here is snow. That would sure be an awesome Christmas. Well, at least for someone who's never experienced snow, it would be awesome :D I've always had this fantasy ... urrmmm, maybe fantasy is too adult a word ... (LOL) ... dream is more like it. I've always had this dream to build a snowman, make snowballs and have a snowball fight. I'd build this snow fortress, just like Calvin and Hobbes does and wait for my version of Suzie to come and splat her right on the kisser ... LOL!

I wonder if I go out in my yard later today and do a naked dance or something, some snow just might fall? LOL! I know it's morning and I should stop dreaming already. But hey, I'm in Christmas mood and I'll dream all I want!

Actually, wifey and me saw this program on TV last nite about this guy who organized a Christmas party with a Medieval theme and we thought, maybe next year we'd try something like that. The whole party was organized using Medieval stuff from the plates, to the way the food was cooked, to the costumes and everything. It was really cool and it's something worth thinking about for next year. Too late for this year cos it's going to take a long time to plan and I just don't have the time. But next year for sure :)

Ok, that's about all form me for the moment. I'll be back later to fill you on how Monday has treated me. Now for some blog hopping ...

2 weird comments:

sweetiepie said...

Medieval Christmas theme? Sounds like fun. Yeah, it would be great to have a theme... and play dress up:)

I might check out those Christmas trees at IKEA since there's a sale. Haven't been there in months.

Spiff said...

Sweetiepie - Yeah, I'm going there too soon, hopefully before Christmas ... LOL!

I'm definitely going to have a Christmas themed dinner for next year :D