The Gambling Son.

This afternoon, I took the boys and went out to the hypermarket to get some stuff for them. They kept complaining that there nothing in the fridge for them when in true fact there is but all uncooked stuff ... LOL! I couldn't stand their whining anymore, so I took them to get some tidbits for them.

As usual whenever they're at any mall or hypermarket, they're bound to run to the toy section, well, I tend to do that also at times ... hehehe ... My elder boy saw this pretty cool looking roulette set and said he wanted it for Christmas. I asked him what the heck for? I'm not an advocate of gambling or anything. But then he showed it to me and I looked at the detailing on the roulette set and it was pretty high quality.

But then, knowing the two of them, they would probably break it in a couple of days time or lose most of the parts so I put it back and told the elder boy that maybe he could go online and play some of those free roulette games but under my strict supervision. Don't want him stumbling on those real online casino sites like or something. I've checked these sites out and they offer some pretty real stuff online. Damn, why am I putting up the full address here ... hehehe ... Thank god my son doesn't read my blog!

Actually the site is pretty cool if you're into online gambling. The moment you enter the site, they list the top 10 online casino sites right on its front page. Cool huh. But then it's only for resident in the good old US of A, so tough luck if you're from anywhere else :)

6 weird comments:

Deana E said...

how many blog you have oh nick..? seriously...just saw this one

Spiff said...

Deana - I actually only have 2 blogs. This one I created just to make money and also some personal postings. Good to see you here. Do drop by more often.

Jay Cam said...

lol i didn't think any father would let their kids play casinos online!

but hey, it's all good if they win you some cash, right?

: )

Spiff said...

Jay - LOL! yeah, that would be good, cos I can't gamble and win anything even if my life depended upon it!

sweetiepie said...

Whoa... roulette? online casinos? You wanna train them to be god of gamblers ya... hehehe

Spiff said...

Sweetiepie - God of gamblers huh? Hmmm, sound like a mighty fine idea, who knows they just might be good at it ... LOL!