The Night Symphony.

I have a confession to make. I snore like a freight train at nights when I'm really tired. It's so loud that it keeps Mrs. Spiff awake all night! Thank god it only happens when I'm really exhausted. On normal nights, the snoring is kept to a minimum level. Well, according to Mrs. Spiff that is cos she's the one on the receiving end of my snoring sessions ... LOL!

Even the two boys snore like freight trains at nights cos they're usually pretty beat from the days fooling around. In fact the younger guy snores so loud that sometimes we can hear him through our bedroom door ... hehehe ... I'm sure last night I would have snored like a dinosaur or something cos of how exhausted I was from the waterpark adventure but Mrs. Spiff was also pretty beat so I guess my snoring didn't bother her last night.

Maybe this Christmas I should get her some hearing protection from Hearos. I'm sure she would really appreciate it at times when I start my night symphony ... LOL! Besides it just might be a good idea for me as well, seeing as how modern technology has somehow contributed in part to a host of unintended consequences relating to our hearing such as the roaring of truck engines, excessively loud rock music blasting away from my neighbors house and a host of other things that emit sound decibels that can cause some long term damage to our hearing!

Hearos actually provides some pretty comfortable and really affordable hearing protection products that fits nicely with your individual style and needs such as the travel ear plugs, the musician ear plugs and yes, the all important ear plugs for snoring ... LOL! Go check out their site now, you just might save someone from having a sleepless night :D