My Road Trip.

I love the country side, well, not really the country side in my own country though. It's the ones that I watch on TV about the country sides of Europe. I can always picture myself driving around Europe with an open top convertible, the warm sunshine and wind flowing against my face.

I've always loved Europe ever since I was kid and I still have this desire to visit at least some of the countries there before I leave this earth and head back to planet Zork! Maybe I should save some money, buy myself an convertible, get an international driving license, take a sabbatical from work and plan a nice road trip through Europe.

But I seriously wouldn't know where to begin. The amount of places and things there are in Europe to see and visit, it would simply take me a whole year just to get through half of them. I guess I could start with nice country side drive through Berlin, find some nice hotels in Berlin and stay for a day or two, check out the Berlin wall or what's left of it anyway.

My next port of call would then be the city of Paris. There are so many things I'd love to actually see in Paris, like the Eiffel Tower or the Champs-Elyse but I've always wanted to sit in some alfresco setting in the heart of Paris sipping some wine and watching those French women go by ... LOL! (Ok, honey, no watching the French women go by). I know it's probably a costly affair heading out to France, but I'm sure I could find some reasonable hotels in Paris to stay in that will be within my budget.

Then my next probable location would be London to visit my favourite football club, Arsenal. Besides it would be a thrill getting to ride in The Channel Tunnel. It'll probably be an experience to remember :) Once I reach London, I could rent a car and drive through the beautiful country side they have over there, stopping at some small little country village, ordering a nice plate of fish and chips, washing it all down with a cool mug of beer and watching the local village girls go by. (Ok, ok, no village girls too honey ... LOL). Once again finding hotels in London should be too much of a problem as there are tons of online info on where to stay in London. Who knows maybe I could convince someone from one those lovely little country side villages to take me in for a day or two. Wouldn't that just be awesome :)

One more place I would like to drive through would be the city of Barcelona. I've seen pictures of their lovely countryside that I simply cannot not go here. I might even ditch the car and get an MTB and cycle through the various mountain bike trails that they have here. What better way is there to enjoy the country side of Barcelona. Then once I'm all cycled out, I could head on and visit all the beautiful architecture on hand like the magnificent La Sagrada Familia cathedral. With the amount of exquisite and grandiose architectural buildings and structures they have here in Barcelona, I'm definitely going to have to find some hotels in Barcelona to stay in for a few days at the very least. Maybe even catch some of those tanned Barcelona babes at one of those bull fight sessions or something ... (urmmm, ok honey, no Barcelona babes too .... sigghhhh ... LOL!)

Whoa, I think I'm going to need a huge sum of money before I can even realise a small portion of this road trip dream. Unless of course some nice kind soul is willing to sponsor me for the trip? Any takers? Please, please pretty please? LOL!

6 weird comments:

Nessa said...

Hey Spiff, why don't you use your spaceship for the road trip? I think spaceman looks odd in a car... hehehe

Blur Ting said...

You're really good at this PPP thing...weaving the links so nicely into an interesting story. I must say I fail in this area. Well done Nick!

Spiff said...

Nessa, My spaceship? Cannot la, the assignment said must use a conventional road car, how boring, right? Besides I'm afraid if I did use my trusty old spaceship they might reject my post ... LOL!

Spiff said...

BT - thanx, but I'm seriously running out of ideas already ... LOL!

Ralf said...

I really enjoyed reading. I visited Barcelona once. The works of Antoni Gaudi dominate the city of Barcelona. Though the city is both modern and cosmopolitan in nature, it has a rich history in architecture and the arts. The Sagrada Familia is probably the most well known of Gaudi’s works, and is known as a symbol of Barcelona across the entire world.
Barcelona has a good infrastructure and welcome for tourists. Also I liked that many of Barcelona hotels is not expensive and offering free transfer from airport.
There 7 beautiful beaches and a lot of parks, which I liked very much. It is really amazing city with it's own magic atmosphere

Spiff said...

Ralf - I do hope that one day I could actually visit Spain and all it's rich and wonderful heritage. I'd seriously love to see the Sagrada Familia.