Wish List.

This year Mrs. Spiff and me are making up a wish list of what we want for Christmas. We always have problems about what to buy for each other. So the wish list idea is actually a good one. I seriously hope she has a pair of nice sexy women's lingerie somewhere on that list ... LOL!

I mean, wouldn't that be an awesome gift? What better way to spend Christmas, than after she unwraps her present, I unwrap her ... LOL! Ok, ok, I'm getting a bit too descriptive here :D But seriously though. I always have problems getting gifts for anyone. I always have this fear that people don't really like any of the gifts I get them. I know everyone says it's the thought that counts but who knows what people think.

This year I've got quite a huge bit of presents to get. My wife, my kids, my buddy's daughter, my buddy and wife, my other buddy and wife, my cousins kids, oh man, I think I'm going to have to take out a bank loan just to buy all the gifts.

'boss, you need me to work overtime, ah? What do you mean I don't get overtime pay?'

Drats, there goes one idea. I wonder if McDonald's need any staff ... LOL! But seriously though, gift giving is getting to be more expensive every single year. Sometimes I think it's come to a point where gift giving is like some kind of must do thing or else you'd look like a cheapskate or something.

But knowing me, I'll probably get all the gifts at the last minute as usual. I tend to always do. There were times when I'd even get the gift just before attending whatever function I was going to attend. That's how lazy I am. This year I think I'll at least try to get all the gifts bought and wrapped by December 23rd the latest, I promise ... LOL!

2 weird comments:

sweetiepie said...

That's a great idea:)

I love surprises but sometimes who needs another pair of socks when you still have loads of them, right?

Spiff said...

Sweetiepie, yeah, I absolutely agree with you. But my wife gave me her wish list and there ain't no sexy lingerie on it though! I"m gonna need to have a nice long talk with her tonight ... LOL!