All Done :)

I finally got all my Christmas shopping done and with 2 days to spare even ... LOL! Now that is definitely a big relief ... phew! At least now I can just sit back and start enjoying Christmas. Well, I still have the Christmas dinner thing to handle but we've mostly ordered all the food from outside so we'd only have to pick it up on Christmas day so that wouldn't be too hard to do :)

One thing I'm really not looking forward to is sitting down after Christmas and counting how much I spent for the whole season. I'm sure my eyes are probably going to pop out. I haven't really been taking into account how much we've used so far cos wifey is the one who handles the budget for the household, she's more meticulous in all that. I dread to see the bill!

I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Good thing we paid for almost all out stuff with cash and not credit cards or else we're bound to overspend and incur loads of bad debts later in life. We really don't like paying for our retail shopping with credit cards cos you really tend to spend way beyond your means. It's just an automatic reaction to having credit I guess.

Gee, why am I taking about negative stuff when it's Christmas. I'll worry about all that after Christmas, as for now, I'm just going to enjoy build up to Christmas in 2 days time :) Besides, if we did overspend I could always take out a personal loan or something ... LOL! Merry Christmas people :)