Snow Everywhere But Here ...

I must say I've finally almost done all my Christmas shopping (yes, us spacemen types do celebrate Christmas in case anyone is wondering ... LOL!). All the presents are bought, the decorations are done, the kids clothes are all done too, well, except mine, but I'm not really into shopping for myself.

So far it looks like I'm all ready to face Christmas. Gee, it makes it sound like Christmas is bad or something ... LOL! That is so far from the truth cos Christmas is just magical :) I'm also looking forward to this Sunday cos that louse of a Genie King is having his Christmas party cum dance thingy (maybe I shouldn't call him a louse or I just might not get invited to it ... LOL).

Now the only thing that is really missing and one very important thing that would make this a really wonderful Christmas is we're missing some good old snow. All we're getting in these parts of the world right now is rain and floods in some states, not something very good to be happening in this joyous season. Maybe if I keep on harping about snow, the snow gods just might get fed-up with me and actually send some snow my way?

'Wake up Spiff, quit dreaming fool!'

Well, we're getting slight earthquakes now in these parts so maybe some snow might be possible in the near future, wouldn't you think so? Then that would pose another problem. Everyone would be rushing out to get some winter clothing and we'd probably run out of stock ... LOL! But I wouldn't worry cos I saw some nice volcom clothing online that has loads of cool jackets and I'd like to get me one of those :) Now to go do a snow dance and pray hard for snow ... LOL!