Pixel What?

You know that old TV you've been having and suddenly the colour just doesn't look right anymore? Well, it happened to me couple of months ago. I've been using my TV for close to 7 years already and one fine day I started noticing the image was degrading day by day. I'm not sure why cos the TV I had was a branded one and it cost me a bomb back then.

Day by the the quality just got from bad to worse. There were times the pixels even started looking real weird, more like the pixels were getting stuck in sections. That made my viewing totally unpleasant. Eventually though it got to a point where I just had to get a new TV set. And there went some of my hard earned cash!

Today though, I've learned about this site called PixelProtector™ that offers something called Pixel Protector in the form of a DVD that will calibrate your TV screen for optimal performance by fixing all those bad picture quality and making you viewing experience all that much more enjoyable. And the best part is, it doesn't really matter if your TV is a new one or one you purchased 3 or more years ago, you will find Pixel Protector is basically the most essential tool you will need for removing all those screen burns, or clearing all that stuck pixels on your TV. The DVD contain kits that fixes screen burns and dead pixels and now also include 3 fantastic screen savers, plasma and LCD setup tools.

Now if only I had heard of PixelProtector™ all those years ago, think of the amount of money I could have saved. Oh well, at least if my current TV decides to act up on me, I'll know where to look this time :)