Donate A Car?

The month has only just begun and I've had to fork out a substantial amount of money to get my blooming car fixed! And it's the Christmas season as well, what with lots of things to buy, I sure could do without having to spend on fixing the car. Drats and double drats. Even my trusty rocket ship is more reliable than my car, just too bad they don't let me fly my rocket ship here on earth.

Oh well, guess I'm just going to have to work harder and look for more assignments here to help offset the car repair bill. Unfortunately, it's a little slow on the assignment part at the moment. Come on people, send me more assignments already! LOL! Gosh, I'm really way behind on my Christmas shopping. wifey and me actually wanted to go shopping today but we've put that on hold for a bit until my car's fixed. It's going to take 2 days to get it completed. I do have a car right now, cos my good old mechanic loaned me a spare but I'm not too comfortable driving around too much in an unfamiliar car.

Oh, by the way, speaking of cars and all that, did you know there is this non-profit organization that uses car donations to make videos for kids and teens? You didn't know that? Well, neither did I. The company is called and it's not often you see a company doing something like this, ya? They've so far given away 2.4 million videos with the money they're raised.

Anyway, you can click here to view some of the videos they've done so far.