Gift Buying.

Oh boy, It's already December and I've yet to get my Christmas list done yet. Ok, I know you're probably all getting a little fed-up reading about Christmas all the time and I know I've been posting loads and loads of Christmas postings but I simply cannot help it. I just love Christmas so much and it's only once a year and there still 25 days to go, so hang in there and bear with me while I squeal, scream, rave and rant about Christmas and I promise, after the 26th of December you won't hear me mention Christmas again ... LOL!

Anyway, back to the subject of presents, I still haven't done my Christmas wish list and given it to wifey yet, though she's given me hers already and I was glad to see that she didn't ask for diamonds or anything thing ... LOL! I mean aren't diamond rings a girls best friend and all that? I'm glad Mrs. Spiff isn't too much into all those bling blings, she more into other stuff like a neat little 0ven, kitchen cabinets or shelfs or those cute little decorative stuff. Phew, at least I can afford all those kinds of stuff.

I'm actually supposed to go out and look for stuff with her today but we're both too lazy cos we were up pretty late last night blogging (what else ... LOL) and we woke up real late this morning and we were just too plain lazy to dress up and go anywhere. We decided to just stay in and do the gift shopping tomorrow or something, that is if we're not too lazy as well ... LOL!

2 weird comments:

Big Pumpkin said...

So what's a late nite for you, Mister Spaceman?

Spiff said...

Big Pumpkin - us spaceman types need our beauty sleep too at times ... LOL!