Hosting Blues ...

I've been contemplating getting my own domain for my other blog for quite a while now. I've been seeing and reading about how some of the bloggers I know getting their own domains and it seems like a good idea. But then I'm not really sure which hosting company really is reliable when it comes to hosting my blog, especially my personal blog, Anything Goes! I don't want it to always be unaccessible and stuff like that.

I know a little bit about this hosting stuff but unfortunately I learned it the hard way when I was handling my office website hosting. The hosting company we previously had (we have a new one now) was really one of the worst and most expensive I've ever known (though I didn't know it back when we first signed them on). They gave us a lot of problems with down time that we finally terminated their service but even then, we're still having some major problems with them right up to this very day.

That episode has really given me a bad impression on most hosting companies, though I know it's really unfair to judge them all cos I know now there are a lot of pretty reliable, professional and affordable business website hosting and personal website hosting companies out there with wonderful packages that I can choose from. But that also leads me to the problem out finding and sorting which one is really suited for what I need. Well, I guess when I really am ready to take the plunge (which is quite strong right now) I'll do some solid research before signing up with any hosting company. After all I don't want to go through the nightmare I went through with my office hosting people!