I Need Tons Of Cash!

I had a post earlier about taking a holiday and doing some traveling. All nicely said and done. Then I got down to sorting out the budget for it and yikes, it costs a bomb! These things don't come cheap you know. I should have saved up more in my space travels before even thinking about going for any holidays abroad.

And with Christmas coming, and all the gifts I'm expected to buy and a Christmas dinner to organize, I'm going to be a really poor spaceman who's probably going to have to go sack and plunder a few more planets to afford any of this. Why me? Why can't I be filthy rich? Why?

'Don't spend so much money on useless gadgets might just help, buddy!'

But I need those gadgets. They're all important to me in my daily space plundering of useless weak planets. Take my trusty ray gun, the ZPX2400.20T, now that baby can put the fear of god into those dirty little sniveling Zorkian bugs! So, now you tell me how can I not spend on gadgets!

'Ok, ok, don't be a pain about it now. I'm sure there are other options.'

Actually, now that you mentioned it, there is. I read on my trusty (what else) ZX200EP super duper high tech thingamajig about a company called Cashadvance1500.com that offers a payday loan so I don't really have to wait for my pay day which is still way off. Yes, even us spacemen gets paid monthly, k? At least I don't have to go borrow from that no good Nick Fellow!

2 weird comments:

Nessa said...

Errr... with that ZPX2400.20T ray gun of yours, you could plunder some banks and get some cash you know.

Don't you have an evil scheming mind spaceman?? LOL

Spiff said...

Nessa - looks who's got the scheming mind now ... LOL! I'm an honest scheming spaceman ... hehehe ...