I'm Going To Be As Fat As Santa Soon ...

Gosh, I've piled on the pounds the last few weeks! I'm utterly disgusted with myself. I've been eating a little bit too much (ok, ok, I've been eating way TOO much!). We've been going out shopping for Christmas stuff quite a bit and I've been pigging out just a bit too much out there. After all you can't blame me. Blame all those food outlets for dishing out such tempting meals that I can't resist. And with me skipping on my running the past weeks, it sure didn't help my waist line much.

I guess right after Christmas I'm going to have to do something about the added pounds I've acquired. Don't ask me to do it now cos there's just too many good food out there for Christmas :D The thing is it's such a struggle and absolutely hard work to lose weight and it's so bloody easy to pile them on again. I wish there was some kind of miracle cure for losing weight. And you know what, there is.

I was doing my usual blog hopping routine and I came across Nessa's blog. She had this article about losing weight too. Oh, by the way, according to her blog, she's been piling it on too. Good for you Nessa, at least I'm not the only one ... LOL! Just kidding, ok :D Anyway she mentioned something about Magnetic weight loss programs and I was intrigued. So I checked it out. (I'm desperate for any remedy that will make me look like Brad Pitt or something ... LOL).

What I found out was that it had nothing to do with magnets at all! It's basically all about controlling your appetite and getting that lazy metabolism of mine to work even harder. With the magnetic food diet plan, I'll be able to learn how to combine my food to specifically create something that is known as Invigorating Magnetism. Sounds pretty cool :D

And this weight loss program sure fits me nicely cos I'm one person who can't resist the temptation to eat and worse yet, I get even hungrier at nights and eating just before sleeping is one sure way to get FAT! I guess I'm going to try this Magnetic Weight Loss Program they have and see if I can work on getting that Brad Pitt body I want. (Spiff, just what is it with you and Brad Pitt?!).