My Brush With The Law!

I had a little encounter with the law yesterday and it was entirely my fault. After lunch with wifey yesterday, I was heading back to the office. I took a slightly different route back to avoid some of the lunch time traffic and headed smack into a Police road block.

Ordinarily this wouldn't really be any problems for me cos I'm a law abiding citizen when it comes to driving (well, most of the time anyway ... LOL). But this time the Police officer flagged me down and I was wondering what I did wrong and just before I pulled the car to a stop, I realized that I didn't have my seat belt on. OMG! I'm done for now.

So, I pull the car to a stop and before the Police officer can approach me, I get out of my car and immediately go to him and admit it's my fault for not buckling up. I give him my most sorrowful face, with my head bowed and start to hand him my driving license to take my particulars down.

He just looks at me and this is how the conversation went:

Cop: You don't like seat belts do you?

Me: No, sir, I do, but I totally forgot to buckle up and I admit I'm wrong (with my head bowed)

Cop: So, where do you work?

Me: (pointing to the next junction a few metres away) Just down the road, sir.

Cop: What do you work as?

Me: An Account Manager in an Ad Agency (I can't tell him I was a spaceman now could I?)

Cop: So, you work in an Ad Agency, huh? Did you do those ads they have on TV about buckling up?

Me: (looking sheepishly at him) Urmmm, no sir, that was not done by my Agency ...

Cop: Hmmm ... (in sarcastic tone) well, maybe you should try to get the account, then you'll know how important it is to buckle up.

Me: Yes sir, I'll try my best to get the account!

Cop: Ok, I'm letting you off this time, make sure you buckle up from now on.

Me: Thank you sir, will do sir, you're very kind sir ...

Then I quickly got in my car and high tailed it out of there as fast as I could! Phew ... I guess putting on a real pitiful and sorrowful face helped not get me a ticket. And I really did forget to buckle up so if he did give me a ticket, I deserved it entirely. Thank you Mr. Policeman for letting me off with just a warning ... Let this be a lesson to all of you out there. Buckle up today! And yes, you in the back too!

4 weird comments:

Andy J said...

LMAO Spiff! You sure pulled one of those sorrowful stunts with the copper didn't you :D I'm sure you're pretty good at getting away with all these stuff, seeing as how you're in advertising and all that. LOL! Good job though and yes, next time, for gods sake buckle up please!

Spiff said...

Hey Andy, it wasn't easy trying to keep a straight sorrowful face, k? LOL! I admit I was wrong in the first place but I really could do with not getting a fine ...

Sweetypie said...

Eh, you're a great actor then... hehehe

It's good that you admitted your fault, nice policeman though :)

Spiff said...

Sweetiepie - Me, an actor? Really? You think I have talent? LOL!

Well, at the prospect of getting a RM300 fine, I'd break down, go on my knees and beg him if I had too ... LOL!

Yeah, he was a decent cop :)