I'm Madder Than Hell!

I'm pissed today! I'm seriously pissed at our former hosting company. And I say former cos they are pretty useless! And they're going to get it from me pretty soon. And by pretty soon, I mean right after this post! I need to let out some steam here or else I'll be too wound up to speak coherently with whomever that answers the phone later.

Ok, let me tell you a little more about why I'm so mad at them. A few weeks back, our company hosting expired and I declined from continuing further with this particular hosting company. One was because they were pretty useless to begin with, their servers kept being offline more than online and since we had a contract with them we couldn't just terminate their service, so we waited patiently for the contract to expire. Secondly, they're bloody expensive and I found a more reliable and cheaper one.

Ok, now this is where I started getting mad. After calling them and telling them we wouldn't be needing their service anymore, I wrote to them officially a few days later. Then just this morning I call them and ask for all our passwords details for our domain so I can get it hosted with the new hosting company and they tell me they can't release the passwords cos we must pay them for the hosting fee! I'm really not sure which part of we no longer need your hosting services anymore that they don't understand!

They insist that we didn't tell them and they never got a black and white, etc, etc, etc. I'm going to take that letter I emailed as well as sent by post and shoved it up somewhere where the sun doesn't shine on whoever picks up the phone when I call them. Now, because of this, all my company website and email can't be accessed cos they do not want to release OUR domain and password details. I'm going to raise hell like they've never seen before if they don't email the details to me by end of this working day. I rely on my office email a great deal for work.

That's why it's really very important to make sure the hosting company you pick is professional about things. The best was to make sure is to do some research into hosting companies before even signing on. There are some sites out there that help make this a much simpler affair, sites such as Web Hosting Choice to name one. It's an advertisement free guide that helps you choose the right web hosting company for your personal or business use. They have a searchable directory that lets you find the best and most affordable web hosting plan that suits your personal or business needs. If you're planning a hosting company or looking for one to host your stuff, then check out http://www.webhostingchoice.com you won't be disappointed!

2 weird comments:

ethel said...

Wow.. that is one really sucky webhosting company! Grrr.. Just reading about it also make me marah. I can really relate to your anger because my previous hosting company also bodoh one. Offline more often than online. -_-

Go show them your wrath!!!

Spiff said...

Ethel - I'm still fuming with them. And worse still, the stupid person who was handling my company account is on leave today!!! Oh man, I've got to wait till tomorrow to release this rage ... LOL!