Passive & Aggressive Notes!

I was blog hopping (what else) and came across this blog called Passive Aggressive Notes and I found it hilarious. They have pictures of notes left y people for people and some these notes are so blooming funny. Go check it out and you will see what I mean :D

One of the notes they had there relates closely to my office and I feel like just copying it and pasting it on my office toilet door.

It is so like my office colleagues to not flush the blooming toilets after they're done with it. The worst thing is no one admits it's them. So I guess I guess it's just some invisible spirit that loves using the toilets and not flush! In fact I think I will print this note and paste it on the toilet door. That'll learn 'em :)

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2 weird comments:

Diamond said...

LOL...we had to put those in the ladies room here at my job. Some nasty lady was dropping dueces (terds) and not flushing the toilet...was pretty gross!!

Spiff said...

Diamond - that is gross indeed but I definitely can relate to that. I think I'm going to print that and put it up in my office ...