Look Into My Eyes ...

Do you believe in hypnotism? No? Yes? You're probably wondering why am I asking you this? Well, I was watching this documentary last night and it was about this guy who was eating way too much and was getting way too big. It wasn't that he was a glutton or anything like that. He just had this disorder and he couldn't stop eating.

He did try to keep away from food, took all kinds of food supplements so he'd stop pigging out but no matter how hard he tried, he always went back to pigging out. So he heard about this guy who could hypnotize someone into doing stuff and well, apparently he managed to hypnotize this guy to cut down on his food and it seemed to work. This fellow started to eat less and within a few months he was at a more manageable size.

I was convinced. Maybe I could try this out and hypnotize myself from eating too much. I know I've been on a food binge the past week, gobbling up everything in sight just like pac-man ... LOL! And as luck would have it, I discovered this great site about hypnotism that's called http://www.instant-hypnosis.com/ on one of my blog hopping routines which provides hypnosis downloads for people from all walks of life. They've got close to 300 professionally produced hypnosis sessions that are available to instant download.

I'm sure I'll be able to find something in there that I can download and hypnotize myself into weaning off all that food out there. Maybe I can even find something that will help me overcome some of the fears and phobias I have or even focus on my self -improvement. I think I'd better head on over there right now and see what I can find. Christmas is after all just around the corner and I really do need to lose more weight or people are going to mistake me for Santa Claus ... LOL!