Water Cut.

Wow, it's been a pretty dull day with no work for me to do whatsoever! And I'm thrilled cos I've been pretty swamped with work the last few days and I'm seriously glad for a breather. I do have some work to do but they're all due next week and I'm hoping to complete them before I go for my Christmas leave. I'm not sure how long a Christmas leave I'll be taking but for now I plan to take off from the 24th right up till next year :D Hopefully my boss approves it and that no silly client calls up and ask me to do some urgent stuff for them.

Besides if they do call me, I'll just tell them I'm not in town and that would be it ... hehehe ... It's actually nice, cold and real cozy here in my office right now cos it rained heavily just now. Great weather to sleep actually. Oh drats, I just remembered. There's going to be a water cut for 24 hour from 8pm tonight until tomorrow for some reason only known to the powers that be of the waterworks department. And they have to do it whatever it is they want to do on a Weekend. That's the time people use the most water! I wonder what they have in the way of brains.

Just gotta make sure the everyone at home uses water sparingly until tomorrow 8pm and hope that my reserve tank in the ceiling holds out till then. I hope it doesn't take any longer than 24 hours or they will be hell to pay. Ok folks, I just wanna wish you all a happy weekend. I know I'll be having one cos I'm going shopping again tonight and the carolers will be coming tomorrow :D

2 weird comments:

CJane said...

Woohoo.. the carolers coming to your home tomorrow? Do take some photos ya!!!!

No carolers come to my house at all.. it's probably because they do not know me (I have a feeling that it's because I hardly go to church on Sundays..) :(

Spiff said...

Cindy - I'll definitely take loads of pictures, that for sure :D

And trust me, if it wasn't for my mom who is one of those church committee members or something, the carolers would miss my house too ... LOL!