To Move Or Not To Move ...

I've seriously been thinking of moving my home base from the planet Zork (yes, yes, I have a home there) and back here to this misbegotten planet! But that would involve a lot of work and packing and besides I've kinda grown attached to those bug eye foul smelling Zorkians.

But it's also pretty difficult having to pop back to Earth every now and then just to do all my banking (no, they don't have banks on Zork), pay all my bills, etc, etc. So I'm actually thinking of maybe finding a home here on Earth to rent. I could just pop back and forth all the time. At least if I rent a home here, I don't need to get any movers to bring all those loads of stuff I've collected from my space travels.

Don't let word get out but I do love it here on Earth. Such nice weather and so many friendly people that I've been spending more and more time here. Maybe I should take out a new mortgage for my place back on Zork and with the cash I get, I could use it to maybe even buy my own home here. But first I've got to find some companies that offer good mortgages out there. Even a spaceman like me wants the best deals now and then.

And with all the traveling I'm going to be doing, it sure would be wise to also take out an insurance policy. You can't say what could happen in between space flights. What more with the bounty on my head by those critters from the planet Splog which I plundered recently, it sure wouldn't hurt to make sure I'm properly covered with a nice fat insurance policy, right?

2 weird comments:

DiamondsSaphire said...

Ummm..planet Zork?? LMAO!!

Spiff said...

Diamond - you mean you haven't of planet Zork? Come visit one day, I'll show you the sights and you've simply got to try squashed bug eyed zorkian juice ... LOL!