1,2 Buckle My Shoe ...

Nessa of Mumblings tagged on a really easy meme a while back. It's so easy that it's even called a 12345 meme. How cool is that? Since I heard that bum Nick is now trying to do tags and memes given to him within a week, I can't let him outshine me now can I? So, to go one up on him, I'm going to do all tags and memes given to me within 3 days max or your tag will be refunded to you in full ... LOL!

Ok, I'm not gonna bore you with useless chatter here, let's get straight down to finishing this tag ...

1. Name 1 thing you do everyday:
Irritate the life out of a Zorkian bug? Seriously, urrrmmmm, sleep?

2. Name 2 things you wish you could learn:
As shameful as it is for a Spaceman to admit, it would have to be swimming and playing any musical intrsument, namely a guitar would be fine.

3. Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood:
A Papaya tree cos my cousins and me used to play under this papaya tree converting it in a fort and hang out there all day.
My grandma cos I was a spoilt brat.

Christmas cos we'd get to eat grandpa's chicken pie.

4. Name 4 things you love to eat but rarely do:
Garlic Steak

Garlic Naan

Banana Leaf Rice

5. Name 5 things that make you feel good:
Mrs. Spiff


Blasting Zorkian Bugs


There. That didn't take me more than 10 minutes to do. I'm going to be kind here and not tag anyone cos I know most of you would have been tagged by somebody with this meme already by now. I can hear you guys going 'Pheewwwwwww'. LOL!

8 weird comments:

CJane said...

I wish I'd learn swimming too! *sob* You can't swim, Spiff? O.o

Ooohh Garlic Naan. I just discover the yumminess of it not too long ago and boy, I must say: I'm in LOVE!! xD

Nessa said...

Hey Spiff!

Thanks for putting this up so soon. Which reminds me, I've tons of tags I've yet to post. I can't even remember half of them :*(

BTW, how does a Zorkian bug look like???

Spiff said...

Cindy - Sadly, I can't swim, maybe with a pelampung boleh la but I oredi look like a pelampung anyway ... LOL!

LOL! Yeah, garlic naan has a way of doing that to someone, the first time I ate it, I loved it so much, I ordered 3 more ... LOL!

Spiff said...

Nessa - You're welcome. I couldn't let that bum Nick be more efficient than me now could I? LOL!

I still got a few more but I forgot who gave them to me oredi, die la like this!!!

Oh, I'll try and get a pix of a Zorkian bug for you but they're pretty shy critters ... LOL!

Shemah said...

I love Garlic Naan! Luckily the hubs is of Indian descent so I don't have to drag him for Indian food all the time.. he brings me willingly. Hehehee..

Spiff said...

Shemah - Cool, another garlic naan fan. Lucky you ... Mrs. Spiff is not into Indian food all that much though she does love the occasional roti canai, thosai and all that.

Actually I think I'm going to find some garlic naan for dinner tonight seeing as how we haven't done any shopping and the fridge is practically bare ... LOL!

Mariuca said...

Hola Spiff! Actually this is one of the few tags I've not been tagged with but good thing u didnt tag anybody lolz...!

Spiff said...

Darn, if I'd have known you haven't been tagged yet, I'd have tagged you with this one. Well, consider yourself tagged with this one now ... LOL!