Domain Registration Problems

Remember a couple of months ago, I was complaining about having some huge problems with our company domain provider? Well, we did finally figure out how to get it sorted out. Just to recap a little. Our domain expired with this particular company and we decided not to renew our subscription cos they were really a pretty lousy domain provider. And they were not very cheap either.

Since we decided not to renew the domain and we did find a new provider at a much better rate and with even more benefits, we called up the old provider and asked for all our passwords and stuff so we could configure our new domain and they refused to give us the passwords and stuff. Without the passwords we could transfer our domain details to the new provider and all our emails and website were totally offline. And even with threats of taking legal action against them which was really pointless as the legal fees would ave cost more than the domain itself!

So, to cut a long story short we registered a new company domain and got it up and running. No issues with that but informing all our clients and suppliers of our new addresses and stuff was a pain. Which really brings me to this point. Always make sure that the domain provider is professional set up before you sign up for a
domain name registration. You really don't want to have to go through the hassle I did when we wanted to do domain transfer of our company account.
Always look around and find out what your domain provider can do for you and don't just pick any old Tom, Dick or Harry out there. There, I've warned you guys, now don't make the same mistake I did ... LOL!