One Cool Act.

HDTV's, what can I say about them but that I absolutely want to own one for myself! I've been salivating over them every time I go shopping and see them displayed in the electrical and electronic section. But the most important thing that is holding me back is the cost of one of those things. I'd probably blow my whole months salary if I bought one.

But it's so cool to own one and one day I will own one so I thought why not look around and see if I can find something online where maybe, just maybe I could get it cheaper. Then I remember that I'd read something about this company called Second Act on one of Nessa's postings quite sometime back. She mentioned something about (if I recall correctly) that they sell cheap HDTV's for brands such as Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, Denon, Marantz and many more.

So, I did me some checking around and found out that they do indeed sell pretty affordable stuff. In fact, they mentioned that if they sell a product, it's most likely the lowest cost product on the internet. Now, that is saying a lot :D They sell products that are mostly factory refurbished, factory closeouts, end-of-life, open box, overstocks and more which is why they can sell their products at a lower price than their competitors.

On top of that Second Act also has something called the Great Deal of the day that gives you even more discounts for a single item for a 24 hour period. And this deal changes daily and 7am cst. This is making the possibility of me owning a HDTV in the near future sound all the more promising. I'm going to dig deeper into this site and see what else they have. And hopefully by the time I'm done, I can give you guy the good news that I'm getting a new HDTV :D