A Change Of Scenery.

The other day during one of our tea time breaks in the office, a colleague and me where chatting and he expressed the desire to relocate. I asked him why? What was wrong with his current place? He said nothing, but that he's getting bored of living in this country. I was a little stunned by that remark though. I mean, I've lived here all my life and the thought of packing up and leaving this country for good has never ever crossed my mind.

I mean I know there are loads of things here that are screwed up but otherwise, it is a fine country to live in, well most of the time anyway. So, I asked him where he'd like to relocate to and he said he doesn't really know but he wouldn't mind moving to sunny Hawaii. Huh? Hawaii? Isn't that like the same as what we have here? Well, minus the volcanoes that is. He replied that the waves here are not that huge for him to go surfing. At this point I asked him if he was blooming drunk or something cos he can't even swim let alone surf!

Anyway, I told him if he really was serious about this, which he insist that he is, he'd need to find a real good Hawaii real estate agent to look for a place for him over there. I suppose Honolulu and Oahu would be a great place to relocate, especially Oahu which is also called The Gathering Place and is great for surfing. All he'd need to do is hook up with some Honolulu real estate agent or an Oahu real estate agent and he'd be all set for his new life. And I seriously think he was slightly delusional cos this guy can't live without his staple of local Malaysian food, just how in heaven's name was he going to relocate to Hawaii ... oh, well it takes all kind to make this world spin!