Back At Work!

Ok, Ok, I know I've been posting nothing but assignments here for the past weeks but I've been in a holiday mood and have been spending like crazy hence the number of assignments here. It ain't easy being a spaceman in the holiday season you know. The slave driving trade on Planet Zork takes a break during this time and I have to just resign myself to this miserable planet until then ... LOL!

Jokes aside though. I'm glad for all those assignment availability cos at least it helps in a big way with the finances during this time, what with the recently concluded Christmas celebrations and then with the kids going back to school and worse yet, I heard on the radio there might be a hike in fuel prices here. I Think it's more like there DEFINITELY will be a hike in fuel prices here. The question would be when. Looks like the cost of things are still going to spiral upwards with no signs of slowing down in this New Year!

With the impending rise in fuel costs, I'm sure every other business is going to raise all their prices too and blame it on the fuel ... oh well, thank god for these assignments ... hehehe ... so pardon me if you see loads of assignments here, k? But I promise I'll try to do them more tastefully than the last 3 I did ... LOL! My mind just wasn't working the past week cos it was still in holiday mode. It still is though and it's going to take a little while to get back in work mode.

The boys get back to school today. Wifey has gone to their school cos there's some parent teachers thingy going on and she also needs to get their textbooks from the school which are provided free of charge to all students which actually saves us a chunk of cash! This year the government here decided to provide text books to every child for free. That's about the only decent thing they've done so far and I thank them for that. Now if they could get their act together and work on the other 20 zillion things that need working on!

I'm going to head out of the office soon and join wifey at the school. I couldn't go earlier cos I had to be in the office so I just dropped her off on the way and told her I'd be back in a bit once I'm done with stuff here. Besides, I told her to call me if she's finished and she hasn't yet so I guess she's still busy over there. The boys school is just a 5 minute drive away from my office so it shouldn't take me all that long to reach there ...

Anyway, before I head off, I'd like to wish all my visitors over here a blessed and happy new year and hopefully I'll still find all you guys here reading my crazy stuff here ... :D

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Andy J said...

LOL Spiff buddy, yeah, I noticed a dearth of assignments as you so nicely put it ... :D No worries, it's still an entertaining blog and besides if I wanted to read more insane stories, I'd head to your other blog, Anything Goes :D Cheers mate.

Spiff said...

Andy - I'm glad you still find it entertaining ... LOL! Yeah, you could always check out my other blog fpr more crazier stuff ... :D