Bad Service!

Yesterday wifey, the kids and me went for lunch at this restaurant we've been wanting to try for quite sometime now. We always pass the shop whenever we're in that area but have never stopped by before. It looks pretty cool and all that from the outside. It's themed after an old Chinese restaurant and it's called Old Town White Coffee and it's in USJ Taipan and I'm actually mentioning their name here because I have a major grouse with them and their service.

We finally went there for lunch yesterday to try out the place. Wifey and me love trying out new places to eat. They were nestled in this new block of shops that included a whole row of restaurants. And they were the only shop that was kinda crowded at the time so we thought a crowded restaurant means good food, right? Not necessarily so.

We went in and managed to find a place and it took a while before a waiter came to take our orders. never mind we said, maybe they're busy. Once our orders were finally taken, we sat there for quite sometime before the food started arriving. And even then, it came one order at a time with the kids orders coming really really late. On top of that, they screwed up the orders and forgot about one of the meals for the boys! I was already fuming by then.

Halfway through our meal, we ordered more food, thinking that by the time we finished the ones we were eating the new orders would arrive, well, no such luck. The food was prepared but it was left on the counter with the waiters just walking and not doing a thing to send the food to us. It's not like the waiters were busy or anything, they were just walking by doing nothing.

When I finally caught the attention of one of the waiters, I indicated the food on the counter and he finally brought it without a word of apology. Never mind I said. I'm a very patient and tolerant person so I let it pass. Then wifey wanted another drink cos we sat there so long waiting for our second round of food that she finished her drink by then. I called the waiter over and made the order.

Once again, we sat there waiting for the drink to be served and it was nowhere in sight. Again, the waiters were just walking up and down without so much as making sure the drink came. By then we had finished our second round of food and we were getting really restless waiting for the drink. Finally wifey got fed up and we decided to pay the bill and leave and just as we were leaving the drink finally arrived. I wanted to tell them to take the drink and shoved it up somewhere where the sun doesn't shine but I was too polite to say such things (yeah, right Spiff, you polite, that's a riot!).

So, we walked out of there totally disappointed with the service and vowed never to go back there and now I'm on a quest to tell everyone who knows where this place is to not bother patronizing the joint. Remember I mentioned earlier that a crowded place meant good food? Well, now I'm all the wiser. A crowded place means horrible service cos everyone has to wait for so long for their food! There, I've let it out of my chest, now I can enjoy the evening again :D

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Mariuca said...

Spiff Spiff..... I would've thrown a huge tantrum if I were you!!! I can't tolerate bad service he he he... anyway I recently went to a new kopi tiam at my place called Pappa Roti. SO I wanted to try out their so called famous Pappa Toast, which never arrived despite our repeated enquiries and the angry faces I was already displaying after 20 minutes of ordering! It finally came after our bill arrived but of course we cancelled it by then!! Some more they also didn apologize to us, so angry! BUt they do serve excellent teh ais and nescafe ais so I guess I'll give them another chance la... hopefully they'll buck up soon!

PS. I love the soft boiled eggs served at old town white coffee, perfect texture!

Spiff said...

I was on the verge of throwing one but couldn't find a waiter to throw one at ... LOL!

To be fair, the food was decent, it was just the service that sucks!

For me, they will never get another cent from me. I don't believe in giving them a second chance! :D