Blogging Slowdown ...

Gosh, Thursday is here already and before you know it, it'll be the weekend already. Not that I'm complaining mind you. I love weekends, I look forward to weekends, I live for weekends! Get the picture? Well, good :) The work week has been such a boring one. Not much rush jobs came my way the whole and while I'm thankful for it, it can get pretty boring doing nothing. Yeah, I could blog all day but there is a limit to my blogging.

'Yeah right, Spiff!'

Yeah, I know you find that hard to digest, especially coming from me, right? Well, it's true. I think I've been 'over blogging' if there is such a word and I've neglected certain things in life. And I need to rectify that into a better perspective. I'm going to cut down a little more on my blogging from now. Oh, don't you guys for one minute think I'm giving up blogging, you're all not that lucky ... LOL!

As I was mentioning earlier, work wise it's been a terribly boring week. In fact it's been like this since I came back to work after the Christmas holidays. And it's probably going to be like this till at least mid February. The Chinese New Year is just around the corner, somewhere early February and it's always during this time that work slows down considerably. It should pick up again after the Chinese New Year holidays and then I'll have no reason to complain that work is slow :D

At least that will give me the time needed to start my running again. I've totally neglected it and not run since way before Christmas. I have this little running log book that I keep track of my progress, my time, the distance I've done and I checked it yesterday and the last entry I logged in was November 22nd 2006! I was appalled by it. Whatever hard work I've done prior to that has all gone to waste. I'm going to have to start from scratch and any runner who's worth his/her salt would tell you the starting again part is the MOST hardest. This weekend would be the cruncher cos that's when I'm going to start my running again.

At least I'll have company with me this time cos I'm also bringing the two boys with me. They've been putting on weight and have been getting a tad lazy at home and Mrs. Spiff and me decided that it's time for them to start living a more healthier life, especially after we both watched this show on Oprah about kids who are totally unhealthy and fat! Don't want that happening to my kids, that's for sure. The good things is, my house is situated very near the local Municipal Councils head office and they have an excellent stadium with a running track around it that they open to the public everyday. I normally do my running on the roads, but with the kids tagging along, I'd feel safer with them running in the stadium.

This is by far one of the longest postings I've posted in this blog. I normally reserve the longer boring ones for my other blog Anything Goes but once in a while, I guess it'd be nice to bore you guys here too ... LOL! Oh and remember I mentioned about gold cufflinks a long while ago in one of my blogs (see, it was so long ago, even I forgot!), well, I lost the damn things again ...