Super Urgent!

Only yesterday I was complaining that I had really nothing much to do in the office and today I suddenly get a barrage of calls from my clients (well, two of them anyway) and they need some stuff done and the worst things is, they need it super urgent by Monday next week. Yeah, right, like as if I don't have a life, besides, it's the weekend already and just who in heavens name is going to stay back and do it for them. Most definitely not me.

Next time I have nothing to do, I'm just going to keep my mouth shut and not complain about having nothing to do. You never know when your wishes would just come true ... LOL! Well, all I know is, it's going to be slightly impossible to get the work done on time by Monday so I'm going to have to use my great conman, urrrrmmm, I mean persuasive skills to try and get the client to give me a little more time.

I mean, the work they need done isn't all that difficult. My client is a financial institution and they want to promote one of their mortgage products which they plan to have a promotion next month, something to do with uk mortgage (though for the life of me I can't see what business they have with the UK) But like I said, it's really not that hard to do because I've done one or two of their previous mortgages campaign before and basically there is so much one can say about it. It's about the same things as before such as mortgage quotes, the best mortgage deals and stuff like that but with a slightly different twist to it.

But of course if I actually give in to their request of getting it ready for them by Monday, then they're always going to take advantage of the fact that all their work could be completed in super fast time. It's not like as if I haven't spoilt them enough already. I'm just figuring out what excuse I can give them to get them to give me a little more time. Oh, well, I'll think of something soon ... LOL!