A Pain In The Head!

Oh god, I've been having this terrible headache ever since I woke up this morning. And it's throbbing like some jack hammer on steroids inside my brain.

'so, what are you doing online then?'

You're not at all helping you annoying little interloper, you! Why don't you go take a running leap of some cliff or something? But you do have a point though! Well, if you must know I was expecting an important email and just had to get online to checked if it came in yet, and since I was online, I though I'd just take a quick peek at my blog and one thing led to another and here I am actually posting something!

I'm probably going to need to go out after this post and get some painkillers for the headache cos I don't have any available at home. I thought I did but obviously I don't. Now I'm going to have to go and take my bath, change, then drive all the way to the pharmacy just to get some painkillers. If it didn't hurt that bad, I'd just as soon suffer through the pain.

Sometimes I wish I could like just log on and order online and in a few minutes or something, the painkillers would arrive at my door, you know, just like those pizza delivery thingy? That would be neat wouldn't it? No more standing in line waiting for prescriptions, no more having to drive all the way there, no more having to look for parking. All you have to do, is just fill in your prescriptions online from the privacy of your own home using your credit card. And it's so discreet, I mean even if you needed a little boost for urrmmm, you know, some noise making and you need that miracle blue pill to spice things up, then you could always search for a viagra online pharmacy and order some in total discretion and have it sent to your doorstep! But if that was going to happen, I should think you'd better already have that blue pill ready instead of making your partner wait the whole day for it to arrive .... LOL!

Ok, I seriously think I'd better log off and go get myself some painkillers. The headache just took the pain to a new level! Catch you guys a little later when the headache's gone.

2 weird comments:

Solitaire said...

How about just keeping an emergency medical kit at home from now on?

Spiff said...

Solitaire - I do have an emergency medical kit at home, but unfortunately the last time I ran out of painkillers I forgot to refill them! That'll learn me ...