Dishwashing And Me ...

I've become a mopping specialist! Imagine me, a superior spaceman calling himself a mopping specialist, can you believe that? But it sounds so cool anyway ... LOL! This morning Mrs. Spiff and me did some spring cleaning in our kitchen. There went my plans for lazing around the house doing absolutely nothing ... LOL!

The kitchen floors were getting a tad too oily for my liking. And we both hate the feel of a slimy oily floor so we took it upon ourselves to spring clean the kitchen. My mom has this habit of frying stuff with just a way bit too much oil and it tends to fly every which way and a lot of it ends up on the floor and she doesn't really mop it up all too well after that.

So, I took it upon myself to mop all the oil away and make the kitchen floors squeaky clean again and boy, it took me forever to mop that floor that by the time I finished, I felt like I knew everything there was to know about mopping ... LOL! And I though that would be the end of it, but then Mrs. Spiff hijacked me to help her with cleaning the dishes seeing as how some of those dishes were pretty oily too, damn, looks like everything in my house seems to be oily!

That took ages too cos we have way to much dishes to wash. I really abhor washing the dishes. I wish I had me one of those counter top dishwasher thingys. That would make my life so much easier. Maybe I should go check our how much a counter top dishwasher costs? I don't think it would cost all that much now would it? And even if it did, so what? It would make sense and be justifiable in the long run wouldn't it? Think of how much more time I could have on my hands to tinker with my rocket ship. Then again, my birthday is coming up pretty soon, so if anyone wants to get me a gift, make sure it's a counter top dishwasher, k? LOL!