A Lapping We Will Go ...

I'm always finding ways to reduce my weight. I used to be a scrawny fellow with a waist line of 29 inches but that was when I was wee spaceman of 30 years old. And now, close to 10 years later my waist line is so much larger that I'm not even going to let you guys know for fear of being ridiculed!

I owe it all to the lifestyle I lead. I used to be pretty active in my youth and though I'm still active these days but I eat too much and I don't exercise very often. Yeah, I've started my running and all again, but running will take some time for results and it's a long, hard painful road.

I wish there was some easier way (and faster) for me to just go back to being the size I was before. And then Lozster of A Mid Life Journey mentioned something called lap band and that it was a less painful method to losing weight. I was intrigued so I checked it out. And here is what I found out.

A lap band is some kind of adjustable band that goes around your upper stomach. The lap band's adjustable band restricts the limit of your stomachs capacity which will in turn decrease the amount of food you eat and makes you less hungry. Apparently you require some kind of surgery done by lap band surgeons and is one of the safest and least invasive surgeries around.

Well, it seems and looks like a good and easy and most importantly painless way of losing weight but I'm freaked out by anything to do with surgeries, safe or otherwise! I think I'll just stick to the tried and trusted method of losing weight by continuing my daily runs and limiting my own food intake through sheer determination. If that doesn't work, I'll go lock up the refrigerator and throw away the key! LOL!