Listen To The Rhythm Of The Falling Rain ...

It's raining outside and I'm so thankful for the rain cos it's been an exceptionally hot day today. The sun was blisteringly hot and it's a relief to hear the pitter patter, well, it's not exactly a pitter pattering out there, it's more like a mini storm with all the frills of lightning and thunder thrown in.

While heavy rain always screws up our satellite TV reception, I'm not all that bothered cos as long as my wireless connection to the net is not affected I'm fine with it. Well, the kids are not too pleased though since they can't watch their cartoons and are stuck with having to find stuff to keep themselves entertained until the rain stops and the reception returns.

The day was basically spent doing some spring cleaning to both the boys and our room and also the upstairs hall where the boys have all their toys scattered everywhere but in the place where it's supposed to be. It took both wifey and me a whole good three hours cleaning the place and in the process I had bleached splattered in my right eye. Thankfully it was just a tiny little splatter and I rinsed it off immediately. I got an earful from wifey for being so careless but thankfully my eye is okay. Hopefully I'll still be able to see tomorrow morning ... LOL! If not honey, you could always send me to one of those senior living homes ... LOL!

I've been going through some of my Calvin & Hobbes comics (I just love Calvin & Hobbes) and I thought I'd post every now and then one of my favourite clips or something I think that relates to me here. Hope the clips gives you guys as great a laugh as it did for me :) Unless of course you're not a Calvin & Hobbes fan (how could you not be?) and have absolutely no sense of humour whatsoever, then I can't help you ... LOL! And here's the first of many ... Oh, and click for a larger view of the clip in case it's too small for your screen.