Music To My Ears ...

It rained today and it rained heavily and I'm damn glad for the rain. It's been a blisteringly hot weekend. The weather was incredibly dry, much more drier than it is on Planet Zork. Even though the rain has totally ruined my run for the day but I'm not complaining. I prefer a little rain to cool the place down than suffer the heat any longer. There's always tomorrow for my run, besides I ran two whole days in a row so I can just count today as a rest day :D

Yeah, I've started my running again. Gotta get in shape again now that the Zorkian fleet is up and active ... LOL! Ok, I know I can be a little crazy at times but the heat does that to me. Oh, speaking about taking a break fromm running, this will be just perfect for me to go out and look for some new noise cancelling headphones. I normally listen to music during my runs cos it can get a little boring and lonely on those runs so the music does help make the session more enjoyable.

The current headphones I have are pretty worn out from all the sweat and stress I put it through and besides, it's a really cheap one that I bought ages ago, not one of those nice fancy schmancy noise cancelling headphones that I've set my eyes upon. These headphones are so cool, once you plug them into your ears, you won't hear anything else except the music. But it can be a wee bit dangerous for me since I run on the roads and probably wouldn't hear cars honking at me ... LOL! Hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn't be getting those noise cancelling headphones after all.

Skull Candy Skullcandy SC-SBW3.5 Smokin Bud Rasta Headphones