My Own Business.

There are times when I think of starting my own business, say maybe my own design studios seeing as how thats the only thing I know how to do best but then when it comes down to it, I'm not really a risk taker. I'm just too afraid to venture out on my own. I know I could probably do it if I tried hard enough but at my age, failure could me my downfall. I do have a family to support and not being able to succeed is frightening.

Actually, I did try once long before to venture out on my own. I quit my job, spoke to some of my clients who agreed to support me if I ventured out on my own and tried it for a few months and it did work fine for a time. Back then I purchased whatever equipment I could afford like a personal computer, a scanner, a slightly high end printer (well, it was high end back then anyway) and I did everything from securing the job, to servicing the account and also doing the production and delivery to my clients (hey, that sounds a lot like what I'm doing now ... LOL).

I had to make do with what I had cos when I initially started out I didn't have much of a capital. It never occurred tome back then to maybe get a personal Unsecured Loan for my business. I was wasn't very business savvy back then (not that I am now either!). It sure would have helped in expanding the business further. But eventually after a few months I couldn't really survive cos for one thing, the clients started delaying and some not even paying me. That put a dent on my already limited bank balance and the day finally came when I had to close the business down and go find a new job.

And since then, even though I know I have the experience and necessary skill to start and run my own business, I'm just not brave enough anymore to even want to try it now. I'd rather work for someone and be certain of a monthly wage though it may not be nearly anywhere as much as owning your own business would pay. I guess if I knew about Unsecured Loans back then, it might have changed the way I looked at starting up my own business. So, for now, I guess I'll still be a slave to my current company ... LOL!

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marsha said...

I dream of being a writer, spending my days with my family and writing when I wanted too. I dream of earning a decent wage and not having to wake at 2am to go to work.

Spiff said...

Marsha - Wow, a writer. That is cool. I can't really write for nuts. Now if there was a career path along the lines of sleeping, that I could do ... LOL!

I do hope you achieve that dream. You just got to believe in yourself and work towards that goal. And when you do become that writer you've always dreamed of being, make sure I get your first book, k? :D