Humidity In The Air ...

I used to suffer from sinus problems a long time ago when I was a little boy. It went away at one time and the past couple of weeks, it seems like its come back! I've been having the sniffles every single morning for the past couple of weeks. At first I thought maybe I was catching the flu or something, there's been quite a lot of that spreading around. But it only starts in the morning when I wake up and lasts for an hour or so. That doesn't sound like I was getting the flu.

Maybe I need to do something about the humidity in my house. I've read that high levels of humidity can contribute to stuff like this. I'm not really sure if it's true or not but it wouldn't hurt to look at some humidifiers. I've seen a few online and the ones that really caught my attention were the holmes humidifier ones. They've got quite a few of them on their site for you to choose from and they have so many different holmes humidifier models to chose from to suit your individual needs.

I checked it out and they also have reviews on each product and whether it is well liked by people or not. Sounds pretty cool. I have no idea what a good humidifier is so the reviews by all these real people on all the holmes humidifier products that even a lame brain like me can't really go wrong in picking one for myself ... LOL! And they all seem pretty reasonably priced and looks cool as well. I wonder if they would work inside my spaceship? I can't really go around trying to invade planets and have sinuses at the same time right? It just wouldn't look macho at all ... LOL!

2 weird comments:

Emma said...

You should read reviews by people who have actually bought and used the humidifiers:

This is a great resource that you should definitely check out before you buy

Spiff said...

Hey Emma, thanks for the tip. I'll definitely check it out before I buy and sort of humidifier :D