Missed My Hundred!

You know I've been so busy with doing all my assignments, then preparing for Christmas and then getting the kids school stuff settled that I actually didn't even realize that I reached my 100th post ages ago! Drats and I so had some fancy schmancy party planned for all of my blogging buddies but seeing as how I missed it, guess the party is off ... LOL!

But seriously though. I started this blog on a whim actually. I didn't have any goals with this blog, well, to make a little money, but that's about it. I seriously didn't even think it would last for more than a few months before I got fed up of updating this blog. After all I have Anything Goes to handle too and running two blogs was going to be a handful. But here I am, some months later with my 132nd posting (urrmmm, I think it is 132) and still going strong with it :D

I seriously didn't know what I'd post about in this blog when I first created it, unlike my other blog where I mostly post personal things that relate to my life. I even had some trouble trying to think of a title for this blog and even the actual URL for this blog was a blooming accident. After much debate about the title I decided to go with my favourite all time comic book character, Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes' alter-ego, Spaceman Spiff. Unfortunately, Spaceman Spiff was taken so I settled for Spiff, The Spaceman.

Now if any of you had even noticed, my URL doesn't reflect my blog title name. It should have been spacemanspiff. blogspot.com but somehow during the registration process and with me being a little not too bright in the brain department, I keyed it as pacemanspiff.blogspot.com instead, minus the 'S'. Makes a weird name but what to do ... LOL!

I really didn't think I'd get to 100 postings so fast let alone 126 but I somehow did and worse yet, I actually missed my own 100 post. Trust me to do something as stupid as that! Oh well, I'll try to watch out for my 200th post and maybe then I can throw that party on Planet Zork for you guys. And in case you guys notice I reached my 200th post, then please remind me ok? LOL!

Well, before I head off for my space traveling weekend, I'd like to thank all my readers (whatever little of them there is) for stopping by and reading all my nonsensical postings here and I do hope you will continue to stop by. If not, I'll just have to whip out my trusty newer version of my Ray gun, the ZX2008 and blast you all to kingdom come! LOL! Happy weekend folks!

4 weird comments:

Nessa said...

Congrats on reaching your 100th post! A bit too late but it doesn't matter :P

Diamond said...

Congrate!! See posts fly by when you are having fun!! You have done well with this blog!

Spiff said...

Nessa - Thank you :D Better late then never right? I hope I'll be able to not miss my own 200th posting ... LOL! Feel free to remind me, k? :D

Spiff said...

Diamond - Thanks :) yes, they sure do fly faster than my spaceship ... LOL!