The Pain,The Pain!

Oh man, my tooth hurts like crazy. Well, it's not my tooth really. It's my gums that is the bloody culprit here! A couple of days ago, my right side gums swelled up a little, don't ask me why cos I have no idea. All I know is it swelled up which was really not that big a problem but what happened was, it made my inner cheek press against my tooth and because of that it's been rubbing against each other and now the cheek has some cuts in there and everytime I swallow, it feels like someone is rubbing salt directly into it! God, it hurts like crazy!

The swollen gum has subsided but the wound in the cheek hasn't and it's been bugging me the whole day since yesterday, not to mention my car has been giving me grief again! All this has led to this huge headache which makes it too damn difficult for me to think of anything to blog but then I've got loads of assignments to complete so I'll just endure the pain and hope no one in my office gets on my nerves today! The only good thing is tomorrow is a public holiday ... woohoo :D