Swamped With Assignments!

Oh boy, just when I said that I have loads of assignments waiting to complete and don't have enough time to do them all, I just checked my inbox and whaddaya know. I got a whole load more waiting in line for me to accept! I'm seriously going to be spending my holiday tomorrow playing catch up with my assignments! And I sure do hope the pain in my mouth heals soon or I'm going to be producing half baked assignments and that just wouldn't be fair at all.

When I get an assignment, I normally try my best to fulfill it and make it as interesting as possible for people to read. Afterall, I get rewarded for these assignments anyway and it's only fair to put some effort into it, right? Yeah, there are times when I just do the assignments for the sake of completing them but that's on rare occasions when my mind just isn't working. Today might be one example of my mind not working cos of mouth injury. The throbbing pain from the resulting headache is still there as well.

Ok, let me see, this assignment I have is about coffee makers, a keurig coffee maker to be exact. Sounds like a fun assignment to do cos I simply love coffee. I must have my morning cup of coffee every morning before I head to work or else I'll be grumpy all day. Unfortunately though, I normally drink those 3-in-1 kind cos it's convenient and easy to make. Besides I don't really have a coffee maker at home. If anyone wants to get me a keurig coffee maker, I'd be indebted to you for the rest of my life ... LOL!

It would sure be cool to have my own coffee maker at home. I can imagine it already. Every weekend morning, I would head down to the kitchen, click the coffee machine on and wait for my steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee to be ready, then head out to the porch with my morning papers and toast and just sit there enjoying the aroma of that cup of coffee ... mmmmm .. damn, I feel like having one right now! Maybe if I do get enough money from all my assignments, I just might afford to get one for myself. Until then I'll just have to dream on. Oh and if you do intend to surpriseme with a keurig coffee maker as a birthday gift or something, the one I want can be found at Wize.com and it's called Keurig Platinum B70 Coffee Maker. I even attached the picture below for you ... LOL!

Keurig Platinum B70 Coffee Maker

4 weird comments:

Shemah said...

If u recall me telling Nick about my assignments aplenty, oh well, lets just say 3 of 'em mocked back at me yesterday with the word EXPIRED written next to it.

Don't ask me how, why, when.. because I don't know.. LOL! Just a tad bit too stressed, I guess...

And sorry to hear about the tooth.. bad tooth!! Don't you have some laser thingamajig that can zap the pain away?? :P

WaterLearner said...

Wow ... The coffee maker looks real cool!!

Spiff said...

Shemah - Tell me about it. I just checked a few minutes ago and I have another load of them to do! They're out to get me with a vengeance for always complaining to wifey that I have no assignments ... LOL!

I wish I had my laser thingamajig but I left it on Zork for the holidays ... LOL!

Spiff said...

Waterlearner - It is cool. Now if only I can convince someone to get it for me ... LOL!