Brain Dead.

It really isn't easy having to maintain two blogs. Especially so when you run out of things to write about. It doesn't help when you also don't have a single assignment waiting in your in box. I do have loads of assignments but they're all for that Nick fellow's blog. Darn, he sure does get quite a bit doesn't he? Oh well, I'll just have to wait patiently and see if there's anything tomorrow.

I don't really like going without a post for more than a day maximum and I'll always (well, almost always) have something to write about. But today, after exhausting my brain power in my other blog, I'm all out of topics to write about. Maybe I'll be able to come up with something tomorrow. We'll see ...

Tomorrow, Mrs. Spiff, the kids and myself will be going out. We don't know where yet, but we're definitely not staying home, that's for sure. It's boring doing nothing at home all day. I'm supposed to meet up with my buddy the Genie King at our old banana leaf restaurant haunt for lunch and then maybe after lunch we'll head to some mall nearby and hang out for a bit. We'll just have to take the day as it comes by.

I'm going to head to bed now, so I'll catch you guys tomorrow ya? Have a good night and if you're not from my side of the world, then have a good morning :)